EU-China project: 16 new 'Pioneering Low Carbon Schools' distinguished


A total of 16 more schools have been distinguished as 'Pioneering Low Carbon Schools', within the EU-Humana Yunnan Project that the Pueblo para Pueblo Foundation has been developing in China since 2020, with funding from the European Union and the collaboration of a prominent group of local organizations.

The recognition of the work that these schools are carrying out is one more step in this project, which has already managed to involve 381 centers in the province of Yunnan, as well as another 422 from other nearby provinces. In total there are already 800 schools and more than 100,000 people directly involved, including students, teachers and other members of the educational community.

In 2021, the project was extended to all districts and counties of the city of Kunming, using 66 schools as a model, which served as reference centers when adding other schools. That same year, the project team began the evaluations, within the "Manual for school leadership management in the field of low carbon schools." The results gathered through these evaluations allowed the selection of a first group of 29 "Low Carbon Pioneer Schools", to which 16 more are now joining.

At the same time, several of the activities and events carried out within the framework of the project have been distinguished, as well as the teachers who have shown greater involvement.

This project aims to promote sustainable lifestyles within schools and a decarbonization of the educational centers themselves. In addition, it intends to mobilize young people and children as a lever to achieve a green development and transformation of society, in order to collaborate in the main challenge we face: the mitigation of climate change.

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