Humana People to People was established to combat poverty with communities around the world. 

To reach this goal, Humana believes that cross-sectoral collaboration is absolutely essential. Working together with diverse partners who play an important role in the environment and global development, Humana constantly strives to forge new alliances to eradicate poverty.

Working together

There are numerous opportunities for new partners to collaborate with Humana to:

  • Gain prestige among local and international clients
  • Expand access to new markets and clients
  • Increase employee morale
  • Give back to communities
  • Support philanthropic activities without straining the budget


If you are a textile company, you can participate in our Destocka Program: its aim is to promote development cooperation between enterprises of textile, footwear manufacturers, wholesale fashion, brokers, shops, boutiques and department stores offering the possibility of manage the stocks of clothing and shoes of those who want rid of. Human responsibility for the management of these stocks in order to get the most possible resources to cooperation programs being carried out.


Corporate Volunteer Program (currently inactive as a result of the health crisis)

Humana is committed to corporate volunteering and its contribution to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 Agenda. At the Foundation, we consider corporate volunteering as a mobilization of the company's human capital in search of improving the environment in which operates and the relationship with its stakeholders, thus exercising a role of social leadership as a responsible company. It is basically the combination of the traditional concept of social volunteering with the company's relationship strategy with society. For this reason, we invite all our collaborating entities to be part of our 3C program with specific volunteer activities.