These are the main financial figures for Humana Fundación Pueblo para Pueblo in 2019:

Origin of our income (in euros)

-Public subsidies: 53,732

-Private grants and from foundations and businesses: 54,728

-Partners and donors: 1,313

-Own funding generated from the sale of clothing collected by Humana: 24,732,910

-Others: 392,809

TOTAL INCOME YEAR 2019: €25,255,492

Humana's main source of income comes from selling secondhand clothes. This gives us greater independence and autonomy in the development of projects and in ensuring their longevity.

Do you want to learn about how we use the clothes you donate to finance cooperation projects?

Our distribution of funds (in euros) 

-Funds for Development Cooperation Projects: 
*External Funds: 356,236
*Own Funds: 582,338 + 982,100

-Funds for Education and Awareness Projects in Spain: 55,029

-Environmental Protection Program: 10,512,800

-Projects of Social Assistance, Aid Clothing in Spain and Social Farming:

*Social Support to social institutions and local government and social order agriculture: 398,753

-Expenses from the sale of clothing in Spain: 11,042,501

-Administration and management: 1,389,367

-Communication and marketing: 199,780

-Others: 30,765

TOTAL EXPENDITURE YEAR 2019: € 25,549,668

We invest much of our resources in the collection, classification and sales of clothing. This activity is essential to generate resources for the achievement of our mission. It also allows us to help protect the environment through the management of textile wasteIn 2019 we collected 17,573 tons of clothing and footwear.

If you'd like more information about Humana's finances, contact us.


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