Yunnan-China Climate Change Project Activities accelerate


During the last few weeks, the Pioneer Low Carbon Schools project team in the Chinese province of Yunnan has redoubled its efforts, developing a wide catalog of activities. Humana Fundación Pueblo para Pueblo carries out this project in collaboration with various local organizations and funding from the EU.

Throughout the month of April, 31 training actions have been organized, with the participation of 2,212 students. At the same time, 34 practical activities considered 'low carbon' have been promoted to encourage the reduction of emissions. Some of them have been the planting of trees on different campuses, the reduction of paper consumption, the manufacture of reusable tea bags, the collection of plastic bottles and the definition of new models of electricity consumption in schools to achieve a some energy savings. The Longquan Road Primary School, in addition, has acquired carbon credits equivalent to 7 tons of CO2 thanks to the resources obtained from the sale of reusable products. Altogether 28,031 people have participated in these activities.

Promotion of biodiversity and green spaces in schools

Two early childhood schools in the city of Anning, one in Xishan and one in Xinying have completed the construction within their facilities of an area dedicated to the sustainable cultivation of plants and vegetables. The boys and girls themselves have participated in the creation of these green 'corners'. With this, he has learned in a pleasant way the importance of promoting biodiversity, respect for our environment and how plants contribute to mitigating the effects of climate change. Students are involved in the care of these plant corners, so that they understand the growth cycles and how plants develop, learning to love nature.

At the same time, the Anning Peace School completed the construction of earthworm towers in April to process the organic waste generated in the kitchen and dining rooms. With this, they obtain humus to use in parks and gardens.

In the case of the Junfacheng Nursery School and the Xu Xiake Central School, the project technicians have concentrated on training the teaching team, introducing basic concepts on climate change, low-carbon activities and environmental protection. The teachers, for their part, have agreed to incorporate these concepts into their activities, duly adapted to the age of the students.

Another fundamental aspect is the influence and positive impact of the project in the Yunnan school community. For example, the management of the Kunming Xishan nursery school has praised the effectiveness of the work carried out in the last two and a half years, both at the level of training and awareness as well as the emission reduction plans. In fact, the center has expressed its desire, materialized in several concrete initiatives, to be distinguished as a "Pioneer School of Low Carbon Emissions".

Finally, the collection of emissions data from schools has continued in order to establish their carbon footprint and take various measures to reduce it.

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