The fight against climate change in Yunnan, in first person (I)


The active fight against the consequences of climate change can only continue to advance with the participation of each and every member of society. To achieve this, it is essential to raise awareness among all people and organizations, starting with educational centers and the school community.

These premises are fundamental for the development of the EU HPP Yunnan Low Carbon Schools pilot project, carried out since 2020 by Humana Fundación Pueblo para Pueblo in collaboration with several local organizations and EU funding.

Michael Hermann, Country Representative of Humana People to People in China, explains the dynamics on which the project has been built: 'We contacted interested schools to help them create the so-called Climate Pioneer Leadership Groups and student clubs, which provide support to all activities. In this way, we begin to mobilize centers and young people interested in the fight against climate change.

These leadership groups are made up of 72 schools in Kunming, in the Yunnan district, strongly involved in the project, developing all types of initiatives, many of them online, in which more than 700 centers participate. In total there are 847 schools involved to a greater or lesser extent.

Wang Xiaoli, Director, Yunnan Clean Development Mechanism Technical Service Center of the Yunnan Academy of Scientific & Technical Information, comments that 'the development of good habits in children and young people is essential, because 30 years later they will make up the largest group in society. Their behavior and awareness will determine the fight against global warming, decisively influencing the response of the public sector.

Xiaoli considers that 'the sum of each person's active work defines the role of society as a whole. Without a joint response there will be no meaningful progress in the battle against climate change.’

The project also includes funds for schools to install photovoltaic panels and solar lamps to illuminate the facilities. It also consists of recycling and resource optimization programs. All of this is helping to reduce the carbon footprint of schools. To support this reduction, carbon credits are also being acquired.

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