EU-Humana Yunnan Low Carbon Schools Pilot Project Closing meeting was held


On December 15, 2023, the Closing meeting of the EU-Humana Yunnan Low Carbon School Pilot Project and the Third seminar of the Yunnan Low Carbon Schools Network was held. Among others, the Yunnan Academy of Scientific & Technical Information, the Yunnan Department of Education, the Panlong District Public Security NGO management Office, the China Association for NGO Cooperation, many project participating schools and other social organizations’ leadership representatives attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Mr. Michael Hermann, the Chief Representative of the Federation Humana People to People Yunnan Representative Office and Mr. Ma Minxiang, former President of the Yunnan Academy of Scientific & Technical Information gave separate speeches, which summarized the results and impact of the implementation of the project, as well as the urgency of the current climate crisis, and calling on more people to participate in climate action, practice low-carbon activity and protect the earth.

At the meeting, Wang Xiaoli, former Director of the Yunnan Clean Development Mechanism Technical Service Center of the Yunnan Academy of Scientific & Technical Information, shared the research report on carbon neutral opportunities in public schools in Yunnan Province and the draft standard guidelines for low-carbon schools, which provide reference for applying for low-carbon and carbon-neutral school status.

Southwest Forestry University, Kunming Metallurgy College, Xishan District Shulin Street No.1 Primary School (Fuhai Campus),Luquan Yunlong Central Kindergarten, and China Association for NGO Cooperation combined online and offline methods and introduced the project results: achievements of demonstration schools of the project, the results of the double carbon center and its carbon reduction, the low-carbon teaching and research topic based on the project experience - Comprehensive Practice research on Primary school Science under the theme of Green and low-carbon application, the green school application based on the project experience, and the cooperation of Chinese civil organizations in the field of international climate change (COP 28 as an example).

According to the Low Carbon Pioneer School Leadership Group Management Manual assessment selection, 31 teachers from the project schools were awarded the "2023 Excellent organization teachers", and all the winning teachers were awarded certificates at this meeting.

In the past four years, with the funding of the European Union, the support of the Yunnan Education Department, the Yunnan Province Environmental Protection Publicity and Education Center, and other relevant local government departments, HPP together with 4 local partners has successfully completed the Yunnan Low-carbon Schools Pilot Project through hard work and solid efforts.

Project reach:

Since 2020, 72 schools from 10 districts and counties in Kunming, Yunnan Province, including Xishan District, Wuhua District, Chenggong District, Anning County, Luquan County, Panlong District, Dongchuan District, Shilin County, Guandu District and Songming County, have deeply participated in the project, and the project has provided online courses to 774 other schools, reached a total of 846 schools with more than 360,000 offline participations and more than 2.3 million online participations.

Project activities:

  • The project team conducted 670 low-carbon demonstration classes (kindergarten to high school)
  • 584 after-school service climate compliant student club low-carbon activities
  • 46 schools were mobilized to become low-carbon pioneer schools in Yunnan Province
  • 66 Climate Compliant pioneering low-carbon school leadership groups have been set up
  • Organized 3 Zero Carbon Week Recording Footprint  Yunnan Campus Individual Carbon Footprint Research and Innovation Competition, with a total of 8945 participants
  • 51 schools participated in the carbon emission baseline survey
  • Support 558 square meters of campus photovoltaic construction, annual power generation 200,000 kwh

Project development tools:

  • 7-12 hours offline series demonstration lesson reading book
  • 10 offline student club activity packages
  • 5 online Climate change courses
  • 140+ popular science videos on climate change
  • Personal carbon footprint calculation applet: Tan Zhouji
  • Free online database to calculate institutional carbon emissions

Project impact:

  • 75.61% of teachers and students have improved their awareness and knowledge of climate change
  • 80.79% of the students could name three climate actions
  • 52.59% of college students' carbon footprint decreased

Every demonstration class like sows seeds of low-carbon environmental protection; Every activity makes the awareness of low-carbon environmental protection take root in the bottom of our heart; Every sharing continues the concept of low-carbon environmental protection.

The project is successfully completed, but the completion of the project does not mean the end, Humana People to People will continue to explore innovative climate change education models, help low-carbon environmental protection, help 3060, and work together to achieve the "double carbon" goal.

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