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Humana has launched the urban agriculture project, called 3C: 'Cultivating Climate and Community' to promote a model of sustainable agriculture in urban environments. Currently, the Foundation is developing this project in Leganés (Madrid) and Lliça d' Amunt (Barcelona).

The goal is to leverage local resources to generate products for home consumption by people who want to bond with other members of their community with those who share interests.

3C has an initial term of two years in which we work in areas such as: basic techniques in organic farming, sustainable use of resources, food security, nutrition, food preservation techniques, marketing of organic products through cooperatives and local markets, medicinal and herbal plants.

Every activist is committed to managing its own plot in the garden, attend the training and participate in other activities promoted. At all times have the support of technicians from Humana.

Beyond the improvement of knowledge in these areas, our purpose is to encourage the participants to promote sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural activities with the environment. 3C also seeks the inclusion of all groups so that social bonds enhance the development of the program are established.

The registration period has already begun. Places are limited. See you!

If you want to participate and become activist, send an email to

or fill out the form you'll find in the 'Participate' on the web.

Download the Brochure for activists. (in spanish)

Download the Brochure for Institutions. (in spanish)

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