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Humana cooperation programms in China and coronavirus


The team of Humana People to People China (HPP China) has redoubled the communication and dissemination of information on prevention and treatment of coronavirus among people involved in its development programs, with special attention to Kunming province. Fortunately, none of the teachers, children and staff members are among those affected. The province is home to 6 million inhabitants distributed in 17 districts. At the moment 46 cases have been detected. (Check the latest information about the coronavirus here)

Michael Hermann, HPP China chairman, explains in broad strokes the measures that have been taken by the government. These measures vary from one province to another, although in essence they are similar. In the case of Kunming, which is 1,600 kilometers away from the most affected province, Hubei, there are restrictions on public transportation between counties and in the Metro of the capital, in order to reduce the chances of transmission. The access roads have been limited in factories and residential areas, to facilitate the detection of people with theoretical symptoms and temperature taking. Those with high temperature are immediately referred to any of the 15,000 existing diagnostic points.

After a few days closed, the shops of essential products (food stores, pharmacies) have reopened their doors. Items purchased online (China has 70 million riders or couriers) must be picked up at the door of the respective stores. In addition, people who have visited areas heavily affected by the epidemic must be in quarantine for 14 days. Employees who have returned to work from February 10 are required to check their temperature daily.

Promote communication and dissemination of information

HPP China, for its part, has strengthened communication with the authorities, project leaders, teachers, and parents of the students of the Pre-schools of the Future it supports (Qiaojia, Luowu, Ning, Huize, Longling and Tengchong), insisting on prevention and action measures in case of detecting possible symptoms. Project managers have sent simple questionnaires to parents and family members to assess the status of their children. In addition, they have helped disseminate the advice and information of the China Centers for Disease Control.

The use of social networks and instant messaging services such as WeChat (the Chinese Whastapp) is allowing fast and fluid communication with all the people involved. Our HPP China partners have contacted the donors who support the projects to give them maximum information about the situation in Kunming and inform them of the operation of the schools. Team meetings, training sessions and the usual dynamics of schools have been paralyzed, in order to minimize the risk of transmission. The government decided to extend the Spring Festival vacations, to avoid possible contagions, so classes have been suspended throughout the province. HPP China hopes to restore the normality of its schools as soon as possible.

As Michael Hermann explains, they are sure that China has the resources and the ability to control the coronavirus epidemic. From the Foundation, we transmit all our support to him, as well as to the rest of the HPP China team and to the Chinese people as a whole.

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