The 3,000 participating farmers obtained the first results


The 3,000 small farmers in 12 small towns in the area of Gemena in Equateur Province in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and develop skills learned in this project for agricultural development.

Formation of the Clubes

In the first phase have formed clubs, electing their representatives and establishing in each field and orchard model for demonstrations and training activities. Overcome the start, develop regular workshops run by the 12 agricultural instructors to improve various aspects of production and management of agricultural products. Stresses in particular the planned activity related to soy, because with the knowledge gained, a good number of farmers now devotes part of his time, and his family, to produce milk from soybeans harvested. This gives a very appreciated for its nutritional properties that can be consumed directly or sold in the local market.

Management of the crops

Similarly, farmers have been trained in the management of products after harvest. According to the findings of the baseline study done, good management of this element could help you keep up to 30% of production, a not insignificant given the rates of malnutrition in the area.

Among the new project highlights the delivery to each of the farmers of a machete, a hoe and a hammer.

Have also been developed community campaigns cleaning each of the 12 areas. These have included general cleaning of common areas, the establishment of basic landfill and the installation of simple hand-washing to be replicated by them in their homes. All actions have been accompanied by specific training in hygiene and health.

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