Positive results of new technical disciplines in Guinea-Bissau


A total of 90 students have graduated from the Technical College of Bissora between 2010 and 2012, within the solar, water pumps and electricity training project, funded by the European Union and implemented by Humana and the local partner's ADPP-Guinea-Bissau.  

The project, recently completed, intendedto facilitate their incorporation into the labor market and encourage applying the acquired knowledge for development of their communities.

The courses, lasting one year, have been developed around three main areas: solar energy, installation and maintenance of water pumps and electricity. 100% of students have participated actively  in the internship program including, conducted in collaboration with fifty companies in the area. Also there have been visits to large companies to learn more about these disciplines.

Access to the labor market
51% of graduates currently has a job related to the training received, while 40% still actively looking for work. The remaining 9% has decided to continue his training, in order to have better job opportunities later. 

Another fundamental aspect is that 13 of the graduates are women, a very important given the difficulties often have access to training and the labor market. The project has also provided the school expanded with the construction of three buildings.

While the EU co-financing has been completed, as the project had a duration of four years, the continuation of this training program is guaranteed energy. So much so, that in 2013 and have enrolled 29 new students.

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