Investing to End TB As a Public Health Threat


As we commemorate World TB Day, TB remains a leading cause of severe illness and death among people living with HIV. By ending TB we will save more lives and move closer to ending both epidemics for good.

TB affects millions of people annually, yet still it continues to be a critical health challenge, especially in vulnerable communities that lack access to timely prevention, diagnosis, treatment and care. The elimination of TB cannot be achieved by the public health system and affected communities alone, it requires firm political commitment at the highest level as well as strong multisectoral collaboration that goes beyond health.

TB services still fail to reach everyone in need and not all people with TB benefit from accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment services. Interruption in treatment may lead to multidrug-resistant TB. The rise of multidrug-resistant TB cases is a growing concern; if it goes unchecked it can set back the steady progress that has been made during the past 20 years. This calls for increased funding to scale up community-led TB response, increasing access to new shorter treatment regimens, TB preventative therapy, development of new TB vaccines and prioritising children affected with TB.

The elimination of TB is central to what we do as Humana People to People together with our members in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia. We are committed to investing and accelerating efforts to end TB through conducting community-led TB response programmes targeting communities most at risk of TB.  Active TB case-finding approach is crucial in letting communities lead to find solutions to their health challenges together, which is key towards achieving Universal Health Coverage.

We support public health systems through our members,  bringing in science and technology to accelerate TB diagnosis, treatment and care. We align our community TB response efforts with national TB programmes to extend the reach of TB health services to as many people as possible.  Over the past 15 years, Humana People to People network has reached over 15 million people with TB services spanning across Africa and Asia.


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