Sustainable fashion in MOMAD Metropolis fair


Sustainable fashion and combines respect for the environment and human and labor rights and appropriate business practices.

Based on this concept, Humana Fundación Pueblo para Pueblo goes a step further by adding the component of solidarity, to get used to value the textile and obtain sufficient resources for the development of cooperation programs in Africa, Latin America and Asia and welfare in Spain. Environment, sustainability and social development are combined in this way, framed under the umbrella of the latest second hand fashion.

Humana provides an opportunity for the fashion and footwear companies to promote sustainable and inclusive fashion through several alternatives: stocks donated by Destocka Program, collection development campaigns to reward your customers and textile container location in the inside or outside of their outlets. This achieves a benefit for the environment and for society as a whole.

Humana's partners involved in this type of initiative also earn a return, resulted in a higher value for your brand and most loyal customer and committed to his teaching, that achieve higher revenues.

The Foundation offered this past Friday a conference on sustainable fashion and solidarity in MOMAD Metropolis, the Textile, Footwear and Accessories International Fair, which took place at IFEMA-Madrid, from 6 to 8 September. Momad is a result of the merger of SIMM and Iberpiel, two of the major trading platforms in Spain devoted to the clothing, footwear and accessories.

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