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The Foundation joins the MITECO Carbon Footprint Registry


Humana Fundación Pueblo para Pueblo has joined the Carbon Footprint Registry, compensation and carbon dioxide absorption projects of the Ministry for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge MITECO.

This voluntary Registry collects the efforts of Spanish companies, administrations and other organizations in the calculation, reduction and compensation of greenhouse gas emissions generated by their activity.

In turn, it provides them with the possibility of offsetting all or part of their carbon footprint, through a series of forestry projects located in national territory. These projects integrate numerous environmental and social benefits, among which is the absorption of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, also known as carbon sequestration.

When an organization is registered in the registry, as the Ministry itself explains, it receives a registration certificate and the right to use a seal. This seal allows to distinguish at a glance:

  • The level of participation of the organization in the Registry: if it calculates its footprint, it has managed to reduce it or if it has compensated all or part of it.
  • The year to which this level of participation corresponds.

The development of activities that contribute to the fight against the consequences of climate change, the reduction of the carbon footprint of the organization itself, the promotion of decarbonisation of the economy and the promotion of the sustainable management of textile resources as a mechanism to reduce the emissions are in the DNA of the Foundation. Therefore, this Registry is a simple tool to make these values ​​visible.

The Foundation joins the MITECO Carbon Footprint Registry-img1
The Foundation joins the MITECO Carbon Footprint Registry-img2