Humana and Guinea-Bissau ADPP boost renewable energy


The European Commission and Humana Fundación Pueblo para Pueblo just initialling the agreement under which the Commission is committed to funding community development project focused on the implementation of renewable energy in Guinea-Bissau.

In total, 24 comunidadesse benefit from this project in four years, during which promote the construction of systems for the utilization of renewable energy sources with which to improve living conditions and promote economic development in the area. The project implementation will focus on the Oio region, which has about 300,000 inhabitants.

The main objective is that 60% of beneficiaries renewable energy used daily so eliminating the use of fossil fuels. Other purposes is that half of the participants raise their income by 30% through the use of this type of energy. It is intended also that the 80% increase knowledge about how to reduce the environmental impact when it comes to energy.

It is provided for the establishment of 36 water pumps powered by solar energy, seven biofuel powered generators made from jatropha oil, 23 machines processing of agricultural products and 51 production systems for other solar energy many buildings and constructions.

The project implementation is the responsibility of ADPP Guinea-Bissau, Humana's local partner in this country. The European Commission finances 75% of the project cost while the remaining 25% is provided by local authorities.

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