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Humana starts the selective textile collection service in Gavà (Barcelona)


The City Council of Gavà (Barcelona) and Humana Fundación Pueblo para Pueblo have signed an agreement for the management of the selective collection service for textile waste in the city. In total, 33 containers have been installed on public roads to store clothing, footwear, accessories and home textiles that are no longer used and which are given a second life through reuse or recycling. The Barcelona municipality has a population of over 47,000 inhabitants, which is one container for every 1,425 people.

The official presentation of the new service took place next to the container located on Viladecans street in the Barcelona municipality, with the presence of the mayor, Gemma Badia. Joana Maria Badel, vice president of the Humana Board, and the person in charge of the Collection area in Catalonia, Àgata Soler-Roig, attended the Foundation.

"We are very satisfied because Gavà has joined the increasingly extensive network for the reuse of used textiles," said Àgata Soler-Roig. “When selective collection records increase, so do the possibilities of reusing clothing items or of recovering raw materials. The textile waste becomes a resource with a second life with which we contribute to the sustainability of the planet ”.

For her part, Joana Mª Badell commented that “administrations, organizations and citizens have to make an effort to raise awareness about the importance of depositing textile waste in the appropriate container to give it a second life. And do it with a social purpose ”.

The mayor of Gavà affirmed that "we are very happy with the start of the service. The collection of clothes is very necessary, citizens need to have nearby points where they can deposit the garments they no longer use. In addition, we are very satisfied that our neighbors now have access to more collection points, since we have gone from 16 containers that we had last year to the current 33 ".

Textile waste has become a global problem: the consumption of clothing has grown rapidly and its useful life is getting shorter and shorter. It is estimated that about 40% of the clothes we have in the closet are not used throughout the year. However, the Catalan Waste Agency estimates that 166,000 tons of textile waste are generated annually in Catalonia, that is: each citizen throws away approximately 20 kilos of clothing, on average.

Unfortunately, we authorized managers only recover a small part: according to 2020 data, selective collection represents 10.6% of total textile waste from household consumption (2.3 kg per inhabitant per year). The rest ends up in the non-recyclable waste fraction.

Paradoxically, the separate collection of clothes has great potential to guarantee a second life: 50% can be reused and more than 35% recycled. That is why it is important that it be deposited in a clothing container; It is obvious, but almost 90% of textile waste does not end up at the proper collection point.

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