Success stories in Children's Town, Zambia


A new year has begun in which the heads of Children's Town intend to reinforce the objectives and activities of the Vulnerable Children Program that DAPP-Zambia, a local partner of the Foundation, develops in Chibombo.

These objectives revolve around five fundamental main ideas:

  1. Reintegrate street children in society and in the daily life of the community.
  2. Offer them the appropriate education and training to pass the PTG Basic Theoretical Practical Education Program.
  3. Provide professional training in order to provide young people with the skills necessary to enter the labor market and promote self-employment.
  4. Promote cultural activities and practice sports to maintain a good physical condition and cultivate team spirit.
  5. Encourage the participation of students in the management of Children's Town as a complement to their training and to support the sustainability of the center.

Metusela Mpofu, model for the rest of students

Metusela is one of Children's most outstanding students. He has shown that with proper training and effort it is possible to improve their living conditions and those of their family. "In the future, I intend to focus on agriculture since I have seen that I can do a good job in it; sister to let your small farm grow. "

After the first year of study, Metusela decided that she could use what she had learned so far to improve her life and that of her sister. For that reason, when finishing the classes, it took care of a part of the familiar garden. During the rainy season he began to grow corn and other vegetables that guaranteed his sustenance during the dry season.

The surplus corn he got started selling it to nearby communities. The time that he had left was spent in working in the fields of his neighbors, achieving with it extra income with which he contributed to the payment of his studies. Then, after collecting some savings, he decided to buy chickens, to improve his diet and obtain more resources.

"The PTG program has given me skills and taught me to be strong. I no longer depend on others for basic things like getting food, since I cultivate them myself ", explains Metusela.

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