Visiting our sorting clothes plants


A group of students from the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) in Madrid was inaugurate on Thursday, January 16 , the program for group visits to our plants classification. The approximately 20 students from the Istituto who passed through our facilities in Leganes had the opportunity to learn more about the process of textile management, with focus on the classification and valuation of used clothing and shoes.

The classification is done manually, with the help of technical means, taking into account several criteria: state of the garment, fabric, quality, season and general and specific characteristics, among others. This process allows for four groups of textile and optimal use of textile resources are managed.

Upon arrival, the students attended a short presentation as a preliminary step for this process in situ. Concepts such as sustainable fashion, last part of cycle clothing, recycling and environmental protection are the protagonists of these introductory lectures.

School visits
March 18 is scheduled the first visit of the five already confirmed by various schools in the Community of Madrid, aimed at boys and girls between 6 and 12 years. The goal is for about 1,000 people, mainly schoolchildren, passing by the plant each year.

Working closely with schools and training schools multiply the spread of topics as responsible consumption, 3R, climate change and North -South divide. It is also the perfect complement to the collection of textiles.

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