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Humanitarian intervention to cyclone Idai by DAPP Zimbabwe


The DAPP Zimbabwe team continues to work on the assistance and emergency program for cyclone Idai, cofunded by CISU-Civil Society in Development and DERF-Danish Emergency Relief Fund. The action began on May 1, while it is expected to end on September 1.

This is an example of how two members of the Federation HumanaPeople to People - UFF Denmark and DAPP Zimbabwe - have combined their efforts to obtain the necessary resources and articulate them on the ground, to help tackle the devastating consequences of the Idai.

DAPP's efforts are being concentrated in the Chimanimani district. The first step in the area consisted of organizing several meetings with the local authorities to identify the rest of the assistance and emergency actions that other organizations were carrying out in the area, and thus not overlapping the aid. Therefore, the DAPP team coordinated with World Vision staff, focusing on issues such as food security, water and sanitation, to influence different aspects and communities.

The project estimates that altogether more than 4,500 victims will be directly involved and thousands more will do so indirectly. An important fact is that during the process of identifying the families participating in the project, 736 women were registered as heads of family and only 264 men. This great difference is motivated because a good part of the men of these communities do not live in the area, since other areas of the country have been displaced or even abroad in search of employment.

Actions contemplated

Some of the main actions included in the project are the following:

  • Construction of 150 latrines in as many homes. 114 of them were selected because their latrines were destroyed by Cyclone Idai.
  • Training of 6 health clubs in three villages, with the participation of an average of 30 people in each of them. The clubs received bricks, cement and other materials for the construction of the latrines. The staff also received basic training in masonry for the start-up of these latrines.
  • Identification of water points affected by the cyclone in order to proceed with their rehabilitation.
  • Distribution of food packages among 1,000 families and baby cereals for a total of more than 700 children, who received between one and two kilos each.
  • Distribution of water treatment kits, capable of converting 3,500 liters of water suitable for human consumption, equivalent to the water resources needed by 100 families of four members each for about four months. 1,000x20 litre buckets with taps were distributed to 100 households.
  • 800 women and young people received as many packets of disponsable sanitary pads.
  • Distribution of laundry soap between each of the families involved.
Humanitarian intervention to cyclone Idai by DAPP Zimbabwe-img1
Humanitarian intervention to cyclone Idai by DAPP Zimbabwe-img2