€ 9.3 million for education and agriculture from 2010


From 2010 to 2014 Humana has allocated a total of 9.3 million euros to education and agriculture projects in Africa, Latin America and Asia. Most of the funds are concentrated in Africa, with 8.76 million euros.

These projects have involved an average of 95,000 people from 14 countries, mainly in rural areas with high poverty rates.

For the area of ??education, the number amounted to 5.99 million euros, while the rest are actions to promote agriculture and rural development in the communities where we work.

Thanks to our support, people who are participating can grow in a more productive way, to have healthy and sufficient food for sustenance, sell the surplus on local markets to earn extra income or, on the other hand, have access to education quality for children.

Funds generated from the exploitation of clothes

The funds allocated by the Foundation have been generated through the professional management of used clothing donations from citizens. Received clothes has become real support for these populations thanks to them and the institutions that guarantee our work, some for decades.

Some of these development projects also acquire a higher dimension as a result of the allocation of funding from external donors like the European Union or the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation for Development (AECID).

2014 Annual Report

On the other hand, since you can view and download the 2014 Annual Report of the Foundation, which is full information on the work of the Foundation, including cooperation projects undertaken by countries and spheres of activity, as the funds provided to each of them. It is a document that provides a comprehensive summary of the actions taken last year.


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