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25 sustainable fashion stores in Madrid


Humana opens today a new sustainable fashion store in Madrid, in 19, Hortaleza Street,  in the heart of Chueca neighborhood. With this, there are already 25 shops in the capital city and 49 in all of Spain. Through its network of stores, the Foundation promotes reuse and a consumption model that is more respectful of the environment.

The new store has two floors and 200 square meters of surface in which it is possible to find women's clothing, men and accessories. It also has a vintage section, very appropriate considering the area of ??the city in which it is located.

Sustainable fashion as an alternative to fast fashion
A fast fashion garment is used half an average five times and we get rid of it 35 days after buying it, according to a report from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Currently 80,000 million garments are sold every year each year, a figure that will double if the current trend continues. This will also imply that the fashion industry will account for a quarter of global CO2 emissions.

According to the study by Ellen MacArthur, 'it is time for clothes to be designed differently, to be used for longer and to be reused and recycled as much as possible. In a new economy for textiles, clothes would be designed to last longer and could be easily rented, resold and reused. We propose a vision for a textile economy aligned with the principles of the circular economy".

In this context, sustainable fashion is gaining strength. Humana's store network has established itself as a driver of responsible consumption based on sustainability. It is about consuming what is really needed and doing it in shops where this sustainability is the reason for being. In the case of the Foundation, with the added value of having a clear social purpose.

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