Yunnan-China: a spring of creativity against of climate change


The team of the EU-Humana Yunnan Project that the Pueblo para Pueblo Foundation has been developing in China since 2020, with funding from the European Union and the collaboration of a prominent group of local organizations will carry out low-carbon activities for the new semester of 2023 spring.

For different age groups and festivals, through data collection, team brainstorming, material search and budget research, 15 new activity program kits have been developed.

1 Make eco-friendly shopping bags

2 My new energy Superman

3 Low carbon Environmental Protection Week

4. Community simulation of climate change

5 I lighten the burden for the earth

6 Remove paper from handkerchiefs

7 Low-carbon speech contest

8 Carbon detection group

9 The Great Battle to defend the city

10. Draw the green Earth

11. Low-carbon throwing sports competition

12 Low-carbon homemade Greeting cards - Give your parents a greeting card

13. Low-carbon artisan

14. I teach my parents to learn low carbon

15. Homemade sachet made with tea residue

In order to further publicize and implement the concept of ecological civilization, enhance the environmental awareness of teachers and students, advocate green and low-carbon life, enrich students' classroom life, enhance their cultural and artistic quality, stimulate students' innovation consciousness, cultivate students' innovation spirit and innovation ability, students can use the old paper cup, Through clever thinking, etc

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