All about European Week for Waste Reduction


From 19 to 27 November is the European Week for Waste organized with the support of the LIFE + the European Commission and whose objectives are:

*To promote sustainable actions to reduce waste across Europe.
*Make public the tasks performed by different actors using specific examples of waste prevention.
*Trying to change the Europeans' everyday behavior (consumption, production).
*To publicize the waste prevention strategies and policies of the European Union and its Member States in this matter.

The best waste is not produced. And for this it is essential to promote recycling, which can offer a second life to products and materials that would otherwise go to landfill.

In this context, Humana and Seur Foundation have joined a textile recycling campaign, which takes place from 14 to 29 November in all the company's logistics centers in Spain and Portugal. The management of collected textile favor one hand, protecting the environment and, secondly, to obtain resources to be allocated to development cooperation. The campaign will also promote among all the people who are part of textile recycling Seur.

The textile recycling helps protect the environment by reducing part of the volume of waste generated in the municipality, giving a second life to a garment that would otherwise go to landfill. With the reuse of clothing and footwear is achieved, also reduce the consumption of natural resources such as water or fossil fuels, as well as fertilizers and pesticides used in the manufacture of textiles. In addition, reusing or recycling textiles reduces CO2 emissions.

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