'Tejidos Educativos': new global citizenship program


'Tejidos Educativos' is the new Humana Global Citizenship Program, under which all activities carried out from now in the field of education for development and awareness in Spain.

As an organization committed to society, we respond to the challenge of training and informing on key issues for sustainable development. There we emphasize that textiles still being a residue with an appropriate management becomes a resource, with a strong social purpose.

Waste prevention and clothing second life

With 'Tejidos Educativos', Humana impact with its partners in raising awareness of the importance of waste prevention and reuse of used textile, and their relation to global sustainability, environmental protection and development cooperation.

Within this new program it includes 'Hay Ropa Tendida', an activity with two modalities: formal education (aimed at schools and other collective centers) and non-formal (intended for commercial centers and other public spaces).

Through 'Tejidos Educativos', Humana offers its partners the possibility of aligning together with the policies set out in the Waste Management Framework Plan (PEMAR) with direct impact on citizens.

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'Tejidos Educativos': new global citizenship program-img2