TCE, the struggle continues in World AIDS Day


On the occasion of World AIDS Day, today it has developed a Community act Infulene in the neighborhood of Machava, in Maputo, near the headquarters of ADPP in Mozambique, Humana local partner in this country. This is just one example of the thousands of similar events that have taken place today, which show the degree of mobilization is achieved when several institutions agree.

ADPP and the Foundation participated in the act of Infulene through TCE - Total Control Epidemic, by which Humana People to People consistently fight against the HIV virus and AIDS disease.

TCE is based on the definition of a geographical area of ??100,000 people, called 'Area TCE', which organizes an information campaign three years in order that each person has the knowledge to control the virus .

Currently, the program includes seven 'TCE Areas' in Gaza and one in Maputo, near Infulene, why have participated in the Community act, informing the present and making a total of 30 voluntary HIV test / AIDS. Such tests are very positive in the fight against this disease, since they allow to know the status of the possible ill at the time.

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