See you at MOMAD to talk about solutions for unsold fashion stocks


Law 7/2022, of April 8, on Waste and Contaminated Soils for a Circular Economy prevents the destruction of unsold surpluses of non-perishable products, including clothing and footwear.

The Destocka Program is faithful to this law, to the European Strategy for textile products and to a circular economic model, in which the reintroduction of textiles into the production chain prevails, prolonging its
Lifecycle. The objective is to make the most of the stocks to turn them into a resource with a social purpose.

The Destocka Program is aimed at companies that want to get rid of their textile stocks in a responsible and efficient way, also accessing tax benefits.

On Friday, February 3, at 11 in the morning, Humana offers a conference within the framework of MOMAD, the great commercial fashion event, which takes place at IFEMA Madrid. The conference will be given by Rafael Mas, Director of Projects and Institutional Relations of the Foundation.

A tailor-made CSR program for fashion companies

With Destocka, Humana offers a sustainable solution to clothing and footwear stocks, with several advantages for fashion companies:

  • Strengthening of the corporate image.
  • Contribution to the development of its CSR program.
  • Engagement of your employees
  • Possibility of collaborating with Humana's social programs through the direct contribution of funds.
  • Tax deductions for donations to foundations and associations (subject to Law 49/2002).

The planet wins with the Destocka Program

Social benefit

  • Improving the living conditions of those who need it most thanks to our development cooperation and local support projects.

Environmental benefit

  • Reduction of emissions and fight against climate change: for every kg of clothing recovered that does not end up in a waste treatment center, we avoid the emission of 6.1 kg of CO2.
  • The value of reuse: it is more responsible to reuse a garment in Spain that is in good condition than to send it out of the country.
  • Sustainability criterion: stock management in Spain represents a more efficient cost than sending it abroad
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See you at MOMAD to talk about solutions for unsold fashion stocks-img2
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