Sustainable fashion is possible


Humana Fundación Pueblo para Pueblo has been a speaker at the Sustainable Fashion Workshop organized today in the framework of the International Fashion Week in Madrid (SIMM), within the named Foro Speakers Corner

The objective of this workshop was to promote greater awareness among manufacturers, distributors and others in Spanish fashion about the importance of sustainability applied to the textile industry. 

Best practices

Humana's presentation revolved around the life cycle of clothing, with special attention to the end of the cycle, which integrates the promotion of reuse and recycling. He has also addressed the environmental impact generated by the manufacture of textiles, providing recommendations on sustainable fashion and good practices in this regard:

  • Recognizing the long-term benefit of good practices. 
  • Use raw materials and develop production processes that respect the environment. 
  • Promote sustainable products attractive to the customer. 
  • Donate surplus. 
  • Innovate in this area, seeking alliances and synergies within the industry, for example, NICE, the code of conduct between the textile companies in the Nordic countries, led by the Danish Fashion Institute.

How to help

Humana offers fashion companies can donate their stocks, promote specific campaigns textile collection, including customer incentives, and place containers on their premises.

Such actions represent an added value to the brand, help generate revenue and strengthen customer loyalty.

He participated equally in the workshop Susana Gómez-Selles, project director of the Federation of Spanish Footwear Industries (FICE).

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