Elementary school as a center of quality education


The province of Cabo Delgado is the one with a higher poverty rates throughout Mozambique. In addition, children have lower levels of Portuguese and Mathematics of the country, demonstrating the precarious situation of primary education in the area.

From this situation, Humana and ADPP-Mozambique are working for years on improving the education of children. The construction and rehabilitation of primary schools is one of the starting points used, since from it you drive the training and retraining of teachers, provision of school supplies for children and improvement in sum, the local educational system, creating an environment for students and teachers.

15 schools in Cabo Delgado

Currently, the Foundation and its partner in the country constructed or rehabilitated with the help of the families themselves involved a total of 15 schools in Meluco Districts, Ancuabe and Quissanga. They consist of a classroom can accommodate about 40-50 students and a small office to store school supplies and office for the director. They are built on a concrete floor and a structure based on sugarcane, wood and mud with a tin roof, on which is placed a solar panel to power the bulbs in the school. This will continue with classes and perform other activities after sunset.

The action is part of the second phase of the project to improve the quality of education and educational conditions of Cabo Delgado, funded by AECID, which also includes the recycling of 150 teachers in the three districts, the formation of 100 new Teachers in the Teacher Training Collegue (EPF) of Bilibiza and construction of primary schools for children aged between 3 and 6 years.

These small centers are connected also with the EPF and Learning Resource Centers, creating a network to involve teachers and provide them with the necessary support to achieve better results and mobilizing communities in a more directed at changing things.

Two years ago, Humana and ADPP-Mozambique rehabilitated five elementary schools in Quissanga, with similar objectives, and with the support of AECID.

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