Humana and sustainable fashion meet at the BSFW in Barcelona


This weekend (September 16 and 17) the Barcelona Sustainable Fashion Week (BSFW) is celebrated, in which Humana collaborates by supporting the “Sustainable Emerging Designer Award”. This event consists of exhibitions, conferences, parades and an awards ceremony “to recognize the work of brands and companies committed to sustainability,” according to the organizers.

The BSFW is held at Juno House Club (Aribau, 226, Barcelona) from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.

Its promoters define BSFW as a “sustainable fashion movement” whose “fundamental objective is to highlight all the benefits of those brands and designers who have decided to join sustainability. Raise awareness and unite everyone who intervenes in the world of ethical and sustainable fashion.”

Original design from second-hand textile

Humana acts as a supplier of second-hand textiles, providing more than a hundred garments from the preparation plant for reuse in l'Ametlla del Vallès (Barcelona), for young designers who compete for the “Sustainable Emerging Designer Award.” .

“The purpose is for participants to convert used textiles into their own original creations and extend the life of said items, therefore avoiding the purchase of new garments,” explains Humana's Director of Projects and External Relations, Rafael Mas. Pure exercise in fashion design and upcycling.

“Post-consumer textile waste, that which has already been used and someone wants to get rid of it, represents a real environmental challenge for the planet. Textile recycling systems are advancing at high speed, but as of today, none of them solve the problem and can ensure the reintroduction of textile fibers, now recycled, into the new production process,” adds Mas.

Reducing the impact of the fashion industry

The award that Humana supports promotes sustainable fashion and the reuse of clothing to reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry. The participants (designers, fashion students, sustainable fashion brands, organizations and creatives interested in sustainable fashion) have had to present creative proposals that encourage reuse and extension of the life cycle of garments.

The projects are evaluated by a jury made up of experts in sustainable fashion, design and sustainability. The evaluation criteria take into account originality, creativity, innovation, technical feasibility, environmental impact and contribution to sustainability in the fashion industry. The “Humana Award for Emerging Sustainable Designer” will be presented at the second session of BSFW, on Sunday afternoon.

Humana Storytelling Conference

The event begins the day before with an exhibition at the Juno House Club facilities. On Saturday, shortly after noon, a story-telling conference is scheduled to be given by Humana about the environmental benefit of textile waste management. On the same Saturday afternoon, at 7 p.m., there will be a fashion show with, among others, the creations that the designers have made with second-hand clothes.

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