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Humana power its sustainable fashion network store


Humana power its sustainable fashion network store with the opening today April 1 of a secondhand clothes shop in Avenida de la Albufera, 15, in Madrid.

It has more than 200 square meters and includes sections of woman, man, boy-girl and accessories. Actually it is a transfer: Monte Igueldo store local changes to have better facilities and location.

On the other hand, next Monday reopens shop Menendez Pelayo, 52, Sevilla, wearing new image and interior, according to the Humana network design establishments. It has 200 square meters where we can find more than 5,000 clothing woman, man, boy-girl and accessories.

Through the network of stores the Foundation promotes sustainable fashion and textile reuse, giving a second life to used clothing. No more sustainable garment that is already made. The funds generated by the network of stores allow the development of cooperation programs in the South and local support in Spain, thereby contributing to global sustainability.

Accounts with more information on welovesecondhand.com

Join the fashion revolution

Both openings are produced at the gates of Fashion Revolution Day. The fashion world is stained claim every April 24 to remember the collapse in 2013 of the building Rana Plaza, in Bangladesh, with a tragic balance of more than 1,100 victims; the building housed several factories producing garments for some thirty international brands. It is a tribute to the victims, a call to reflection on how the clothes we wear and claim that it is possible another way to consume fashion occurs. Humana stores are an excellent expression of sustainable fashion and therefore share the philosophy and principles of Fashion Revolution Day.


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