New corporate image for Humana Fundación Pueblo para Pueblo


After several months working on a new image for our organization, it is already a reality: the first change that is noticed is the renewal of our logo. Now it is more modern, endowed with a fresher look and color.

It includes in some supports, 'People to People' as a differentiating element, which perfectly reflects the values and purposes of the organization: 'From people to people'.

The traditional balloon that defines us is also the subject of a restyling to make it more modern and in keeping with the current moment. Corporate colors evolve in the same way, keeping green as the main color but, from now on, with a softer and more friendly tone.

At the same time, the Roboto typeface on which our logo is built is extended to most corporate documents. From now on, most of the texts you read on paper about Humana will be written with this typeface.

The objective is to strengthen the personality of the Foundation, all while being faithful to our essence and maintaining the connection with the whole of the Federation Humana People to People .

The implementation of this image is being gradual and according to the resources that Humana has.

New identity for Humana stores

The logo is the basic piece on which we are building a new identity for our stores, which includes renewed signs, façade colors and shop windows, and a new interior more in line with the concept we want for our stores: more up-to-date, with new color details. , a more careful interior design, new cashier backs, posters and signage and, in general, a better design, accompanied by new messages and concepts related to sustainability, fashion and social purpose, gathered in a Manifesto.

These are the premises on which the store at Alcalá, 171, in Madrid, reopened on April 24, has been renovated, and the store at Embajadores, 78, also in Madrid, opened on June 9.

The openings planned from now on will be associated with this new identity. Gradually the rest of the points of sale will also be renewed, like other elements.

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