Humana is auditeed by the Fundación Lealtad


Humana Fundación Pueblo para Pueblo is audited NGO from today by the Fundación Lealtad, after analysis and joint work carried out by both organizations over the past months.

Participation in an audit of this nature reflects and strengthens the commitment to transparency that Humana has since its inception in 1987. The work done by the hand of Lealtad has been a step in the continuous improvement process we promote, in order to optimize our management and thereby facilitate obtaining characterize present purposes: development cooperation and environmental protection through the textile recycling.

Fundación Lealtad is a non -profit organization founded in 2001. Its mission is to foster confidence in Spanish society NGOs to promote cooperation with them.

41 of 47 subprinciples compliments

The audit consists of 9 Loyalty General principles. Humana complies fully 4 of the 9 principles and violates another 5, arising from breach of 6 of the 47 sub-principles consisting of the audit.

The principles include operating compliments and regulation governing body, planning and activity monitoring, transparency in funding and plurality of the same.

When a breach of a Principle NGOs as Lealtad explains itself , mean that it is one of the recommendations of Transparency and Good Practices defined by the Foundation. Failure does not mean in any case that the NGO is committing anomalies or irregularities. The Humana failure of 6 subprinciples supposed that together, the results of the audit reflects that Humana does not meet 5 of the 9 Principles.

That is why we show our disagreement for 5 of the 6 sub-principles, and we state in the report published on the website of FL, which are, roughly, the following:

- The social order is well defined. Although Humana statutes and the corresponding record clearly reflected that the purpose of the organization is the International Humanitarian Assistance and Protection and Environmental Defense, from FL is understood that the main activity of collecting and sorting the clothes do not meet with the mission of the organization.

- All activities undertaken by the organization will be aimed at achieving the social order. Similarly as above, the collection and sorting of used clothing aimed at the Protection and Defense of the Environment, is not considered part of FL as an activity aimed at achieving our social order. Likewise not considered sufficient to devote 17.5% of total spending and Education Cooperation for Development, the second of the purposes of the foundation.

- Advertising campaigns, fundraising and public information to faithfully reflect the objectives and the reality of the organization and not mislead. As a result of the two previous sub-principles, we violate, FL as always, the derivative of communicating the reality of the organization. Communication in our organization is based on two pillars: development cooperation and environmental protection, which reflect the purpose of our organization.

- The organization respect the wishes of donors and establish monitoring systems targeted funds. The textile deposited Humana containers are grants aimed at protecting the environment, development cooperation projects and, to a lesser extent in Spain assistance to certain groups. This information is known for donors as it is available in all our containers.

- The organization shall produce annual accounts in accordance with the Business Plan Accounting Nonprofit Entities that are subject to audit and approved by the General Assembly or by the Board. Even having made ??an annual external audit for 26 years without any qualifications in this section by the auditors, we assume that certain criteria endorsed by Lealtad are more convenient, so from 2013 Humana will change the way it flows reflect clothing sent to our partners in Africa.

- The organization will promote the participation of citizens in their activities. There is now the opportunity to participate as a volunteer in the organization, in the FL study period, corresponding to 2011, it was not possible.

Humana Fundación Pueblo para Pueblo has conveyed its disagreement to Lealtad to consider the fact that not met 5 of the Principles, as reflected in the report available on its website .

Fundación Lealtad does not validate our model management, a unique and atypical pattern in the third sector that ensures the sustainability of the organization, compliance with its purposes and that allows a complex conjunctural moment for the whole society and the NGO sector, continues to generate new jobs and that in 2012 over 60% of the total budget should be allocated for the purposes of the organization.

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