Humana, at International AIDS Conference 2016


Humana People to People (HPP) will actively participate in the World Conference of tuberculosis TB 2016 held on 16 and 17 July in Durban, South Africa. The appointment takes on even more importance this year because it develops so prior to the 2016 International AIDS Conference, scheduled from 18 to 22 July, also in Durban.

Consecutive organization of both conferences is not casual: it responds to the close relationship between the two diseases. TB accounts for one third of AIDS deaths worldwide, which gives a clear idea of ??this linkage. 74% of all HIV infected TB patients in African region

Humana People to People and TB Alert: working together

On Sunday 17, at 14:45, Olga Guerrero, HPP European Partnerships Coordinator, participates as a speaker with Sameer Sah, TB Alert in the 'Community Engagement and Innovations' section.

The two speakers will present the projects to combat tuberculosis and HIV / AIDS that both entities are taking place in Malawi (in Mulanje and Thyolo) and Zimbabwe (Manicaland), and the results achieved to date. 56% of people with TB has HIV. In the case of Zimbabwe, this percentage rises to 69%. These figures highlight the importance of programs coordinated fight against both diseases.

The work of Humana People to People and TB Alert with local communities provides results in three main areas: changing behaviour, health systems strengthening and treatment support. Also in the field of innovation, working equally into three sections:

• Family-based support through a system called TRIO (patient + two family)

• Door to door contact

• Nutrition support

Humana People to People and TB Alert are two of the few organizations dedicated to development cooperation implementing joint programs for tuberculosis and HIV, so projects like these have significant value.

Results in Mulanje

The best results were achieved in Mulanje, since here the first project began more than two years ago. For example, 34,298 people screened, 7,754 sputum samples tested; 1,193 TB cases detected and TB Cure rate increased from 78% to 82%

The joint work between HPP and TB Alert began through DAPP-Malawi in 2013, while from 2015 he was strengthened with the work done by DAPP-Zimbabwe.

Opportunity to share experiences

According to Olga Guerrero, "participate as speakers and be part of the official program of the TB2016 Conference supposed to Humana People to People and the Foundation an excellent opportunity to share and visualize the experience and results of projects to combat tuberculosis and HIV / AIDS are being implemented hand TB Alert”.

You can find the full program of the Conference TB2016 and the International AIDS Conference 2016 in



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