Humana, in the First National Solidarity Project


NGO's, other non-profit organizations, universities, financial institutions, companies implementing CSR criteria and companies that develop programs of cooperation are some of the sectors involved in the First National Meeting of Solidarity Projects, organized by AECID and Fair Valladolid 10 to 12 November.

Humana Fundación Pueblo para Pueblo will use this event to raise awareness of the cooperation projects you are working at present and to present their model based on textile recycling, environmental protection and cooperation programs. Humana takes the stand 87 of the fair. In addition, on Friday at 12:30 hours, the Foundation will be at the corner speaking of the fair to conduct a brief presentation on the activities of the organization. Along with Humana, participate in this Corner Speaking Farmamundi other entities, including women, Bridges NGOs, or the Foundation Amycos Codexpa.

A program of technical sessions, a film series solidarity, activities for children and several exhibitions complete the program of the First National Solidarity Project.

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