Humana and the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty


Currently about 1,400 million people suffer extreme poverty and nearly 1,000 million hungry and have no access to clean water. Hence the importance of further promoting cooperation projects in order to remedy this situation and encourage the progress of disadvantaged communities.

Today marks the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, to promote greater awareness of the need to eradicate poverty. This year's theme is "Ending violence of extreme poverty: empowerment and promotion of peace '. Humana daily work towards eradicating poverty, promoting sustainable cooperation programs, facilitating that progress in the communities that develop endure over time.

'Child Aid' program in Belize
An example of this are the community development programs 'Child Aid' in Toledo and North Belize, Belize, that Humana supports with used clothing. Today more than 3,500 families are involved in activities related to the usual 10 lines of action of this type of projects: education, pre-school centers, children as active part of society, orphans and vulnerable children, health and hygiene, food production, strengthening of family income, joint community, environment and energy, and local initiatives.

Animal husbandry and organic farming
In the case of Northern Belize, for the first six months of this year highlights the advances made around income-generating activities for the community, such as growing vegetables and raising goats, pigs and chickens, which facilitate auto supply and market sale of surplus.

In Toledo, this year has launched a plan for organic cultivation of cocoa, in collaboration with the Cacao Association in the area. 50 families involved in this action. So far 200 have received cocoa plants and appropriate training for cultivation. In three or four years, these families will be able to get their own crops, boosting income generation. The project also has been integrated into the Belize National Organic Council (BNOC) and the Toledo Agricultural Development Association  (TADA) in order to enhance the production of organic products.

Also emphasizes the training of 24 women's groups working on behalf of the training and empowerment of its members to contribute to the progress of their communities.

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