Humana Day 2013: Our Climate, Our Challenge


On Thursday September 26th Humana Day is celebrated in Barcelona, while the dates chosen for Madrid and Seville are 3 and October 10, respectively.

The space for holding the event in Barcelona is Hotel Melia Barcelona. It will take place from 18:30. If you want to participate, download your invitation and confirm your attendance in the 93 840 21 82.

The event will include the delivery of IV Humana Textile Recycling Awards and Exhibition on Development Cooperation in order to show some of the elements used in cooperation programs in the South, which allow people to adapt to the effects caused by climatic variations.

Our Climate, Our Challenge

The increase in global temperatures of the Earth, because of the greenhouse effect, has been accompanied by major changes in the climate. This variability threatens agricultural production, food security and livelihoods of millions of people in developing countries.

This becomes a great challenge to mitigate the effects of these changes, adapt in the best possible way to the new scenario and at the same time to improve the lives of people affected.

Humana began nearly 20 years the Farmers' Clubs program with clear criteria when it comes to improving agricultural production adapting to the environment and reducing their vulnerability.

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