Farming entrepreneurs in Mozambique


It is a fact that agriculture can reduce poverty twice faster than any other sector. And for this advance the work of small farmers happen is basic. But it is also true that this work is fraught with difficulty as access to basic resources is complicated, and investment incentives are not developed, storage systems are absent and transportation is very precarious; unstable weather conditions do not help.

But nevertheless, the predominant family productions in much of sub-Saharan Africa are quite efficient, demonstrating the determination and tenacity of these entrepreneurs, who have chosen this way of life as almost the only way to build a future.

Decades with small farmers

ADPP-Mozambique, the local partner of the Foundation in that country, has been working for decades with small rural farmers based on the establishment of groupings of 50 members, who share the benefits of working in a small group, which was later officially registered as an Association. Its efficiency is based on a discipline, respect for leadership positions and to the joint decision of its costs and investments.

In the case of the Province of Cabo Delgado, northern Mozambique, thanks to an investment of approximately EUR 150 per farmer per year by the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation for Development (AECID), we can find nowadays many associations of this kind, involving thousands of farmers. Human and AECID lead already working several years on the improvement and diversification of crops of small farmers and their families in this province. Today, it is developing the third phase of this project, in which 250 people participate.

Diversification of production, basic machinery and storage systems

Thanks to continuous training now not only cultivate cereals but have diversified their production and therefore their diet and their ability to cope with weather or other incidents.

They also have machinery such as pumps or tillers that facilitate the work, they themselves deal to maintain in good condition or repair. Also they have basic warehouses to store part of its production to sell on favorable terms in times of scarcity, or simple products processing mechanisms that ensure better conservation and higher saleability.

It is possible to say that was worth seeing evolve subsistence farmers farmers today generate production enough to feed their families cereals and vegetables and also obtain economic yields that allow them to cope with dignity to a life of difficulties.

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