The textile recycling have an appointment at CONAMA


The Foundation gives the V Humana Textile Recycling Awards at the National Environment Conference being held in Madrid.

Humana comes to the National Congress of Environment CONAMA (Palacio Municipal de Congresos in Madrid from 24 to 27 November) with several objectives: first, to show the importance of recycling and reuse of textiles in protecting our natural environment; and secondly, develop relations with other actors involved in the recycling and environmental conservation.

Low carbon economy, natural capital, collaborative consumption, green entrepreneurs, circular economy, ecodesign, energy poverty, smart cities ... CONAMA 2014 includes more than 100 activities related to the environment and sustainability.

New container with social vocation
Humana's stand at the event (No. 45, on the third floor) will include the new container for collecting of used textiles designed hand LAIN (Logística Auxiliar Industrial). It represents a major advance over previous models security and usability for donors.

Human and LAIN want to make this a "container-minded aid" and therefore have decided to "share this model with all those third sector organizations that are dedicated to collecting used clothing and footwear". Besides Humana, other organizations in the social sphere is like the case of Roba Amiga in Catalonia, have already begun to use this new container.

Humana Textile Recycling Awards
On Tuesday 25 also will be held the delivery of the V Textile Recycling Awards Humana, inBogota Caracas meeting room, on the second floor. These awards recognize that citizens support programs provide environmental protection, development cooperation in the South and welfare in Spain through its textile donations through containers located thanks to agreements with municipalities and entities private.


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