New Humana secondhand store in Madrid


The Foundation has just opened a new sustainable fashion store in Madrid. It is located on Avenida de La Albufera, 137 in the heart of the neighborhood of Vallecas.

It has 240 meters of surface and offers the usual sections: fashion of women, men, accessories and textiles of the home. As a novelty, this establishment pays special attention to children's garments.

Circular and sustainable fashion

Humana currently has a total of 45 stores in Madrid (23), Barcelona (18), Sevilla (3) and Granada (1). Through them, the Foundation gives a second life to the used clothing, turns a residue on appeal, promotes sustainable fashion and transforms it into circulation. Because there is no garment more sustainable than the one already manufactured.

The organization concentrates its efforts for 30 years in reuse, which places the management of clothing used at the forefront in a circular economy.

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