The Association of Reuse Centers and Services of Catalonia is born


Yesterday the Association of Reuse Centers and Services of Catalonia was officially presented in Barcelona, chaired by the director of Banc de Recursos, Rosaura Serentill. This new Association brings together both local authorities and private entities and is open to all actors working in the reuse sector in Catalonia. Humana Fundación Pueblo para Pueblo is one of the 16 constituent organizations of this association.

The presentation ceremony was led by the director of the Circular Economy Area of the Waste Agency of Catalonia, Pilar Chiva. It also included the director of the agency itself, Isaac Peraire, and the director of the Ecology Department of the Barcelona Metropolitan Area, Imma Mayol, who is also vice-president of the Association.

Purposes of the Association

The purposes of the association are the following:

  • Promote the R of resources and the Preparation for Reuse PxR of waste.
  • Promote and inform the whole of society about R and PxR (citizens, administrations,
  • organizations, etc).
  • Promote and increase the economic sustainability and competitiveness of service centers
  • reuse.
  • Prepare and disseminate the results of studies and experiences related to R and PxR.
  • Establish a space and a network to promote communication and collaboration between organizations, to develop projects and take advantage of resources.
  • Ensure the interests of the R and PxR sector before national administrations and
  • international.
  • Provide service to associate members.

For all this, among the actions planned by this new association are sharing knowledge and experience among its members, training and advice at an external and internal level, carrying out studies of interest, dissemination and visibility of resources and preparation for reuse, active defense from the PxR sector, among others.

During the presentation ceremony, the representatives of the signatory entities highlighted the enthusiasm that is shared and the desire to collaborate to make preparation for reuse and the management of resources and waste a stronger sector, at a crucial moment like the one that is currently living.

Textiles are actively represented in the Association, since Solidança and Formació i Treball are also part of it together with Humana.

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