Humana: circular economy conference in Asturias


On November 9 Humana organizes in Oviedo the Technical Conference 'Moving towards a circular economy. The sustainable management of waste '.

Its objective is to expose from a practical and eminently didactic perspective what this new economic model consists, providing concrete examples, and in which an optimum management of the waste is fundamental for:

  • Promote prevention, preparation for reuse, recycling and the valuation of materials that constitute valuable resources.
  • Create employment and contribute to economic growth.
  • Show how the new business models, eco-design and industrial symbiosis can lead to the "zero residue."
  • Reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and their environmental impact.

Panel of experts

The speakers will be the following:

  • Margarita Ruiz Sáiz-Aja, Deputy Director General of Residues of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment MAPAMA.
  • María Elena Marañón, General Director of Prevention and Environmental Control of the Principality of Asturias.
  • Santiago Fernández, Manager of COGERSA.
  • Javier Domínguez, President of SOGAMA.
  • Olatz Garde Mazkiaran, Responsible for residues of the Federation of Sakana (Navarra).
  • Luis Lamas, Councilor of the City of Carballo (A Coruña).
  • Anabel Rodríguez, Executive Director of the Foundation for the Circular Economy.

The seminar will be organized around two main blocks:

  • Lectures
  • 2 Panels in which the opportunity will be given to the public through their questions.

Check the full program by clicking here.

Moving towards a circular economy

Replacing the traditional paradigm of linear economy (extracting-producing-consuming-throwing) by a circular one is essential for the sustainability of the Planet.

We live a crucial moment in this regard after the establishment of the "Pact for a Circular Economy" with which more than 50 autonomic and local administrations, business associations and other entities commit themselves to the elaboration of the so-called Spanish Strategy of the Economy Circular (EEEC). Humana is one of the entities adhered to this pact.

This commitment, though commendable, must be only the beginning, due to its general and sometimes merely theoretical nature. It is necessary to develop debates and exchanges of ideas and experiences that stimulate that the group of agents involved in the life cycle of products and value chains develop innovative solutions, sustainable and replicable at all levels.

In this context, an appropriate waste management is essential that prioritizes reuse and recycling according to the principles of the hierarchy collected in Directive 2008/98 / EC Framework of Residues. Do not forget that starting from circular models of local application will be possible to develop larger scale models, to reach the regional, national and supranational domains.

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