Humana is certified with the SGS NGO Benchmarking


Humana has voluntarily certificate dated April 5, 2016 for NGO Benchmarking independent consultant SGS-Societe Generale de Surveillance. This certificate accredits our organization on compliance with good practices paras NGOs.

The NGO Benchmarking 101 integrates objectively verifiable indicators, divided into four areas:

-Best practice dimensions: board, strategic framework; integrity management; communication, promotion, public image, human resources, revenue, allocation of funds, financial controls; operations; results, continuous improvement.

-Donor expectations: transparency, efficiency and effectiveness.
administrative components: systems, activities (programs and projects), human resources and finance.

-Continuous improvement: plan, do, check and act.
It is a voluntary system that measures the responsibility to stakeholders and compliance with best practices.

Today, Humana and the Red Cross are the only two Spanish entities who hold this certificate.

Humana is certified with the SGS NGO Benchmarking-img1