Humana organizes a round table on textile bidding at CONAMA


Humana organizes on November 21 in Madrid, within the framework of CONAMA 2022, the round table 'Textile waste. bid and bid well. Textiles in the field of household waste management: keys to a good tender within the framework of the Waste Law and the Public Sector Contracts Law. As speakers we will have representatives from FER, legal experts and Humana itself.

Textile waste is experiencing a moment of great importance thanks to the boost given by Law 7/2022 on Waste and Contaminated Soils for a Circular Economy and the European Strategy for Circularity and Sustainability of Textile Products. Law 07/2022 equates textile waste to the rest of household waste and regulates its management.

We are, therefore, facing a unique opportunity to give this fraction the importance it deserves in waste management as a whole. Textile management is also a public service closely related to a modern social economy adapted to the 21st century.

To take advantage of this opportunity, it is necessary to clearly identify the areas of action of the different actors in the value chain, within the framework of the Waste Law itself and Law 9/2017 on Public Sector Contracts, as an instrument that guarantees a stable legal framework.

Currently there is a notable degree of ignorance on the part of local administrations on basic issues related to the application of both laws and the correct tendering of the service so that it is awarded to the most advantageous option, including appropriate technical, social and environmental criteria.

Advance in a more transparent, efficient and competitive ecosystem for textiles

This lack of knowledge translates into certain unknowns that this Round Table wants to discuss and unravel in order to advance in a more transparent, efficient and competitive ecosystem that, in addition to generating green employment, places the textile waste management sector at a higher level.

Within this ecosystem, it is essential to clearly define the role of waste managers and town councils, as entities in this case competent in the field of household waste and responsible for the corresponding tenders for the award of the waste collection and management service. textile fraction. Bid and bid well. That is the key.

The event will try to detect the challenges and real opportunities for exemplary textile waste management, which will allow Spain to meet the objectives that Europe sets for us in terms of reuse and recycling.

Aimed at administrations, service companies, managers and other professionals

The Table is aimed at representatives of local and regional administrations with competence in household waste, service companies, textile managers and other professionals related to waste management.

The mechanics of the event will consist of a round of questions and brief answers for each of the participants, in charge of the moderator of the table, a debate and a space to resolve the doubts and concerns of the attending public.

The celebration of the table in the course of CONAMA seeks to bring together authorized people and voices within waste management and public contracting that shed light on everything related to the textile fraction.

The event will be broadcast via streaming and recorded in order to promote its subsequent dissemination and thus enhance its educational nature.


  • Date and Time: November 21, at 12:00
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Format: round table and open space for questions from the public
  • Venue: CONAMA National Environmental Congress, IFEMA Madrid Municipal Palace. Dynamic Room Bratislava
  • Organizes: Humana Fundación Pueblo para Pueblo
  • Speakers: Spanish Federation for Recovery and Recycling FER, legal experts and Humana.
  • Registration: free until full capacity

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