This year it's your turn


Download the monograph that the Foundation has prepared for the Humana Day, dedicated to the importance of reuse in the fight against climate change.

These are some of the content you can find on it:

  • The environmental impact of the textile industry
  • Give a second life to your clothes to fight global warming
  • Adaptation to this phenomenon in the South
  • Solar tunnels to fight hunger
  • 'Coming full circle' or how they recorded and produced the video for the Human Day 2015
  • Op-ed by Karolina D'Kuna Deputy Director of Eco-Innovation and Circular Economy, DG-ENV of the European Commission
  • Op-ed by Salvador Samitier, Director of the Catalan Office for Climate Change
  • Op-ed by Jesus Martinez-Linares, President-Founder of the NGO based.

Humana Day. This year the exchange's your turn

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