Humana 2016 Annual Report


You already have available Humana Fundación Pueblo para Pueblo 2016 Annual Report, a very special document since it sees the light coinciding with our XXX Anniversary.

In fact, the Report is somewhat different than usual, since together with the most representative information and figures of 2016 includes references to the most relevant events of these three decades of trajectory.

The text gathers, among other aspects, a summary of the activity of the organization based on the actions carried out and the most outstanding figures:


Textile Donors: More than 2,000,000
Clients of shops: 1,370,000
People involved in cooperation projects: 115,145
People involved in local support projects: 11,764
People involved in awareness-raising projects: 4,397
People involved in the social agriculture program 3C: 498
People who make up the team: 550


Funds for the collection and preparation for the reuse of secondhand clothes : € 8,291,617
Own funds used in the South for development cooperation projects: € 1,323,676
External funds used in the South for development cooperation projects: € 71,187
Own funds allocated to local support initiatives in Spain: € 417,395
Funds for awareness-raising initiatives: € 44,777


Humana 2016 Annual Report-img1
Humana 2016 Annual Report-img2