Humana tries to positively influence the closest environment, through local support initiatives that are the result of a commitment to society and a further tool in its strategy to fight poverty and boost sustainable development.

These initiatives are related to protection and environmental education, food banks, assistance to groups in difficulty, social cohesion or the elderly, to give some examples. They are possible thanks to the resources generated with textile management. In addition, they are always carried out by our own public and private collaborators.

In 2022, more than 3,000 people participated in local support initiatives in Spain.

Through the Humana Clothing Aid Voucher Program, in 2022, more than 750 families in vulnerable situations had the opportunity to purchase secondhand clothing free of charge in the network of stores.

The Bonuses have a value of 30 euros each, are nominal and are distributed with the support of our collaborators with the purpose of reaching people with few resources.

HUMANA INTEGRA The work of the Foundation in society is complemented by the promotion of Humana Integra. It is a bridge between people in difficulties to integrate into the labor market and companies and entities that offer employment opportunities within the framework of the green economy and waste management.