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Vigente en la actualidad
Activities scope

The training of teachers in rural India most depressed is one of the basic pillars to promote its progress and reduce the gap with the more prosperous and developed regions of the country. In late 2011 the number of students from different schools of teachers was 737, being the busiest of Ferozepur Namak, with 220 students. 

The practices included in the formative period of future teachers, for two years, have allowed 11,100 children to receive primary classes. Apart from the knowledge they gain, the boys and girls attending primary school gain confidence in themselves and in their abilities. 

His parents also increase their motivation to promote among their children the desire to learn and study and then send them to school. The teacher training center thus becomes a lever of development of the entire community.

2012-2014 Total Cost of the Project: € 115,385

Own funds