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Vigente en la actualidad
Activities scope
Infectious diseases

About 45 million people are living in the Chinese province of Yunnan, one of the country's most disadvantaged. Along with HIV / AIDS, malaria remains one of the most widespread diseases in this area, due to lack of information and training on the prevention of the same among the population. 

Therefore, the program has focused on issues such as door-to-door visits, school activities, meetings in groups of 30 people or small informational activities to promote the dissemination of the contents of the project among the participating population. 

Other targeted initiatives are distributing mosquito nets and elimination of mosquito breeding sites, insects responsible for the spread of the disease. Considering the above, in 2011 the number rose to 59,363 visits, while the volume of people involved directly or indirectly was 243,966.

2011 Total Cost of the Project: 12,860 €

Own funds